Chris Siebenmann

I'm Chris Siebenmann; I help run CQUEST here at the University of Toronto, along with Howard Lem and Tom Glinos (Lidio Presutti has moved on to other things). In addition to being the system administrator/programmer, I'm the postmaster for the Unix Systems Groups machines, help look after Usenet news on several machines, and have a hand in everything else we do. I like to call myself a Unix herder.

My interests include software that makes graphical workstations more than a collection of VT100 windows, automating system administration tasks, documenting how CQUEST works, discouraging Usenet and especially email spam, worrying about computer security, and Plan 9 from Bell Labs.

My two current long-term projects are improving the CQUEST WWW pages and writing up an operations guide to CQUEST that explains what's where and how things happen. I used to think I was making progress on the first.

Chris Siebenmann
Unix Systems Administrator
Computing and Communications/
Technology Support

255 Huron Street, Room 350
Toronto Ontario
Canada M5S 1A1

Telephone 416/ 978 1255
FAX 416/ 971 2085

Chris Siebenmann, last updated September 3rd, 1997