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Q: How can I conserve disk space?

A: Erase all the files you don't need, or copy them onto floppy disk or move them to your home computer. Use the tar, compress and gzip UNIX commands are used to archive or compress files and folders to use up less disk space. You can use the rm UNIX command to erase files. Good candidates for deletion are files the are easily recreated from source code. These files are usually have a .o or .x suffix, or the file a.out. man compress provides information about an utility that compresses one or more files. man gzip provides information about a second compress utility. man tar provides information about the "tape archive" utility. man rm provides information about deleting one or more files.

You can also try reading this information to help reduce disk usage.

CQUEST » CQUEST FAQ » Disk Quota Questions » Disk Quota Answers

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