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Q: How are disk quotas assigned?

A: The disk quota is based on how much storage a student will require to complete the course work. On CQUEST, the basic numerical unit for disk storage is a BLOCK. (1 Block= 1KB = 1024 bytes.) Each account has two disk quotas. The first quota assigned is the size of your incoming mailbox. All accounts have a 5MB or 5000 block disk quota for the account's incoming e-mail message area. The account's second disk quota is for the area where you keep course work and personal files. The current default disk quota is 20MB or 20,000 blocks will be assigned to a CQUEST account.

Student accounts taking one or more CQUEST courses can request a larger disk quota if their current quota is used up and contains files needed for CQUEST courses. The account holder may be asked to trim down the amount of non CQUEST materials owned by them. Please keep in mind that increased disk quotas for the account will be reduced by the appropriate amount at the end of the course or session.

CQUEST » CQUEST FAQ » Disk Quota Questions » Disk Quota Answers

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