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Q: How do I report problems?

A: There are two types of problems you may encounter. Software problems (Course related) and Hardware problems. Each problem tpye has a different contact.

Software questions or problems related to the course content or the special programs and applications needed for course assignments. (Applications like Minitab, SAS or arcinfo). Please direct these questions to your tutor or instructor. Software problems not related to course content should be sent to userhelp(AT)cquest.utoronto.ca

If you have forgotten your login or password, go to the CQUEST Account Self-Help page and select the appropriate link.

Hardware problems like a non-functioning workstation, a printer jam or the "print quota coinbox" problems. Please send E-Mail to userhelp(AT)cquest.utoronto.ca. Please include details such as your CQUEST login, the time the problem occured, error messages on the screen. Please include an alternate e-mail address to send the reply if you want the reply to go to a different address than the one you are sending the question from. All of this information will assist CQUEST Staff to zero in on resolution of the problem.

Voice messages can be left for the CQUEST Coordinator by calling (416) 978-4310 and leaving a message. Please include your CQUEST login name, your email address and a detailed description of the problem so CQUEST staff can reply to you by email. CQUEST staff will reply to ALL queries via E-mail. If electronic mail response is not possible due to login problems, please leave a phone number where you can be reached during normal University business hours (9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday).

The CQUEST administrators DO NOT answer or return calls on evenings, weekends or holidays.
CQUEST » CQUEST FAQ » Basic CQUEST Questions » Basic CQUEST Answers

This document is maintained by CQUEST staff. Suggestions, comments, new questions or corrections are welcome and should be sent to userhelp@cquest.utoronto.ca

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