Logins from remote machines to CQUEST must use Secure Shell Protocol(SSH) .

CQUEST is using Secure Shell (SSH) terminal program for remote logins instead of telnet and rlogin shells. SSH is a deterent to snooping of packet information that travels over the internet. All information is encrypted before it is sent over the internet. This means that sensitive information like passwords or confidential information is not a readable format to the snooper. Use of SSH provides additional security for the user. CQUEST no longer provides telnet or rlogin access from "Non UofT" IP addresses.

Here are a couple of links to SSH programs for Windows XP/Vista operating systems. There are more SSH programs besides the two listed below. To find more SSH programs, do a web search using "SSH" and your operating system as keywords in your search. If you are a MAC user running OS X version 10.0.1 or higher, OpenSSH is built-in to the OS. Just start a terminal console and use the 'ssh' command to connect to CQUEST. Server name is login.cquest.utoronto.ca.

This link has links to a variety of SSH client programs and information about SSH.

If you need help about any of the SSH products that you have downloaded, please read the documentation provided with the package or contact the vendor/author of the software.

For CQUEST related access problems please check CQUEST FAQ page for help. If the information is not there, you can ask by send a mail to userhelp AT cquest.utoronto.ca. Be sure to include the program you are using and a detailed description of your problem. CQUEST staff will try to resolve the problem.