Here is what you do to print your document.

CQUEST has changed the method of how you pay for printing. You no longer need to pay in advance at the coinbox. CQUEST now charges for printing on a pay as you print using a T-Card. Be sure to have enough funds on your T-Card prior to printing. You can add funds to you T-Card at Robarts Library and other locations on campus.

Click here for more information about the T-card.

Each lab has two printer queues like before. The default printer queue is \\ktx4\Black&White_xx for Black & White documents. The second queue is \\ktx4\Colour_xx for Colour documents. ("xx" is [RW or UC] the building code of the computer lab the printer is located.)

The cost to print in black & white is $.10 per side.
The cost to print in colour is $.25 per side.

From your workstation, Print the document to the appropriate printer queue. You have 60 minutes to go the print station at the printer to release the job to the printer.

Step 1. Insert your T-card into the reader at the print station.
Step 2. Select the job(s) you wish to print. Be Careful you can select another person's document. (You will be charged for it if you release the job.)
Step 3. Check the cost to print on the bottom left of the screen. if the cost isn't what you think it should be. Go back to Step 2.
Step 4. To release the selected job(s), press the Print button to release the job(s) to the printer.
Step 5. Remember to logoff!, Just click on "Logoff" to release your T-card from the T-card reader.
Step 6. Take your T-Card! You can logoff any time after you release your documents for printing. You don't have to wait for your job(s) to print before you logoff.(step5 &6)

TWO Very important CHANGES!

Change # 1 ALL USERS

If your document has BOTH COLOUR and BLACK & WHITE pages, YOU MUST separate the printing of colour pages from the black & white pages.

ALL pages printed to the \\ktx4\Colour_xx printer queues will be CHARGED at the COLOUR PAGE RATE even though the page only uses black ink. Remember print requests sent to the \\ktx4\Black&White_xx printer WILL print in black & white and will be charged at the Black & White rate.

This means you must print ALL colour pages and submit the print request to the \\ktx4\COLOUR_xx print queue. Your Black & white pages MUST be printed to the \\ktx4\Black&White_xx printer queue.

Change #2 for SAS USERS

SAS users will need to perform so extra steps to print from SAS. You need to use GSview to print the postscript file. Instructions are below.

When you click on Print and the Print Dialog box is displayed. To print, Select the Postscript Level 2 in the Name field. If you click on OK, your request will be printed to a postscript file ( on your H drive. (You can select an alternative file name if your press the print to file button.) After the file is saved, you need to open a program called GSview4.8. Click on "Start>Programs>Utilities>GSview 4.8" from the windows bar at the bottom of the desktop screen. Click OK in the registration pop-up window. Open the file (File>Open or Open icon) select file. Click "OK or "Ignore all DSC" buttons in the pop-up window to display the file. At this point, you can now use (File>Print or Print icon) to print the document to the printer