Printing at CQUEST now uses a T-Card to pay for printing.

Each lab has two printer queues like before. The default printer queue is called Black&White_xx. The second queue is called Colour_xx. (Where "xx" is the computer lab the printer is located.)

The printing charges to students have remained the same for almost a decade. Unfortunately, CQUEST increasing the printing charges to 10 cents per printed side for black & white documents. The colour charge has been set to 25 cents per side.

Very important CHANGE!

If your document has BOTH COLOUR and BLACK & WHITE pages, YOU MUST separate the printing of colour pages from the black & white pages.

ALL pages printed to the Colour_xx printer queues will be CHARGED at the COLOUR PAGE RATE eventhough the page only uses black ink. Remember print requests sent to the Black&White_xx printer WILL print in black & white and will be charged at the Black & White rate.

This means you must print ALL colour pages and submit the print request to the COLOUR_xx print queue. Your Black & white pages MUST be printed to the Black&White_xx printer queue.