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Welcome to the CQUEST web site.

The links on the left side of the page point to frequent links and CQUEST departmental home pages.

Many CQUEST departments have course web pages on CQUEST. Check the departmental home pages for course links. Actuarial Science courses can be found under Statistics. Biology course links can be found under Cell And Systems Biology or Ecology & Evolutionary Biology.

The UC261 Computer Lab is CLOSED
The CQUEST computer lab at University College Room 261 is closed. Look for a new
computer lab to open for the start of the 2014 Fall session.
Location announcement coming soon.

NEW Printing Procedure!
The pay in advance printing quota system has been terminated,
NO Refunds for unused print credits.
CQUEST is now using T-CARDs to pay for printing.
Important changes! Please read the instructions in BOTH of these links.
How To Print a document and printing costs information can be found here.

CQUEST Accounts
UofT students taking one or more Faculty of Arts & Science undergraduate courses on the St. George Campus are eligible for a CQUEST account.
Click on this link to see if you are eligible.

This is a reminder to ALL account holders to keep your disk usage to 100MB or less.
If your file(s) are larger, please bring a USB flash drive and save your file(s) onto a USB flash drive.
Here is how to find out more about disk quotas.

Failure to do so may result in the removal of files to lower your disk usage to below the 100MB limit.

Who / Where do I send problem reports?
Do I send the report to CQUEST Staff or the Instructor? Click here to find out who you should ask.

Remote logins to a CQUEST terminal window should connect to our remote login server, login.cquest.utoronto.ca.

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Please report errata to CQUEST Staff (userhelp@cquest.utoronto.ca) .